What is this website about?
A lot of people playing videogames had the idea to change something within their game at some point. But most of them fail trying to find out how to achieve this.
Right now it's really hard to get some information on how to do this, since the most tutorials on this matter are scattered through the diversity of communities on countless games.
The Game Changer platform is trying to fix this problem by providing a place where everybody can share their knowledge on game customizing.

I wanted to submit a tutorial but the Engine is not supported?
Right now we are in the process of building this platform, so only a few engines are supported, we plan to implement more engines as soon as possible.
If you want to submit a tutorial anyway, just don't select an engine while creating or send a contact mail so we can see what to do about it.

I created some cool stuff with these tutorials, how can I share that?
You can post a screenshot beneath every tutorial, some websites to share your custom game files are listed here:

Steam Workshop
Supported games: Dota 2, Civilisation V, Portal 2, Skrym, Team Fortess 2, Naval War...

Supported Games: all :)